Big Narstie – BDL Skank

Big Narstie - BDL Skank


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Big Narstie has just unveiled his new single ‘BDL Anthem’.

The grime rapper has become a household of late, loaning a triumphant guest verse to Craig David’s astounding UKG banger ‘When The Bassline Drops’.

The verse contained a reference to ‘BDL’ – the Bass Defence League, a force of good in the world, chaired by Big Narstie.
New single ‘BDL Anthem’ expands on this, opening with the line: “Have you got what it takes to be BDL? Do you look after your family?”

Big Narstie explains: “A lot of people always ask me ‘what’s BDL? Is it just a music gimmick?’ It’s not. BDL is a movement, and this song is the mandate. It’s broken down a lot of social barriers. From ghetto kids to middle class, white university kids. It’s a society of people with the same thoughts and morals of life. It’s a bridging of gaps between identities within England. Even on the Craig David song, my message hadn’t changed. BDL is the voice of the people.”